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Steven Zilinskas is a physical theatre practitioner based in London. Previous productions involve CLUB PARADISE (Shenanigans Theatre Company, toured 2018 Birmingham MAC) and solo works MIRAGE (toured Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 & Camden Fringe 2019) and most recent WOOL (toured Birmingham MAC & Social Arts Festival 2019) with a specific approach to dance and movement-based work. He is interested in how our bodies move, dance improvisation, movement in the ageing body and physical theatre. Particular research interests are the effects on improvisation in these areas

Steven started studying Art History and Criticism at Vilnius Academy of Arts where he explored lots of different types of art, with a particular interest for contemporary and performance art


Throughout years living in London as a singer/songwriter Steven has performed in many regular music open mic events


Steven was studying Integrated Masters in Touring Theatre at University of Worcester


He was also a member of Shenanigans Theatre Company. Other productions involve HEROES AND VILLAINS - A VARIETY SHOW (2015), LITTLE GIRL BLUE (2016, directed by Ildiko Rippel), MISSING ALICE (2016), FRANK (2017, directed by Tim Wheeler), and musicals THE LITTLE MERMAID THE PANTO (2015), WEST SIDE STORY (2016)

Steven has been also involved with Dancefest and their choreographic projects working with many choreographers, such as Clare Wood, Elizabeth Crosswell, Shelley Eva Haden, Mark Anderson and Esther Anderson (infuseDANCE) and dance companies, such as Dancefest Adults, Chance to Dance Company and DFY

Most recently Steven has been involved with Mycenae House reach out projects in South East London and has engaged with the community by developing pop-up performances as an artistic response to the conversations that he had with the community

Mirage Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Aug 09, 2018, 12:25 PM – Aug 11, 2018, 1:35 PM
Greenside @ Infirmity Street,
6 Infirmary St, Edinburgh EH1 1LS, UK

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5 November 8 pm 

Amersham Arms

12 December 7 pm

Future Park

Metal Culture

21 January 2020 7 pm

The Tramshed


Attention! Tea, tea, beautiful tea! Or tea, tea, magical tea or tea, tea, emergency tea... Are you a green tea lover? Whether you're a tea lover or not, I would like to know how many of you drink green tea today?

Does it all start with a friendly hug and perhaps a nice cup of green tea?

Find out on Tuesday 5 November 8 pm in Progression’s Comedy Showcase at Amersham Arms in New Cross together with Sleeping Trees and led by Dan Ward-Nixon






11 September 7pm Generator @ Tramshed


Social Arts Festival 2019

19 October 8 pm




6 May 8pm

Foyle Studio

mac Birmingham


Steven is a designer. He is obsessed with tidying. He is constantly moving from one place to another, looking for something he can't find. Recently, he has been learning how to knit.

Wool is a meditation on craft and creativity, and on monsters in mazes, that combines improvisation, dance and knitting. In a quest to find order in chaos, and the extraordinary in the ordinary, anything can happen.


9, 10, 11 August 12.25 - 13.35

Yvy Studio at Greenside @ Infirmary Street

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018


MIRAGE 13 August 7.15pm & 23 August 3pm

Camden People's Theatre

Camden Fringe 2019

Combining dance, text and improvisation, Mirage is a kinaesthetic exploration of reality and empathy. What does a person have to do to move you? A solo performance by Steven Zilinskas


The performance takes influence from a research trip made to the original Newton’s apple tree in Lincolnshire, spending a day by the tree in order to come up with ideas for the show.


Bringing back moments from the trip and working with apples in the space, Mirage is a dance philosophy that tests reality through laws of physics, whilst exploring otherness in a post-Brexit Britain, stereotypical viewpoints and perception.



“Mirage presents an exquisite assortment of philosophical reflections on reality and illusion. Steven is an otherworldly performer, combining humour and a unique and quirky movement vocabulary to question what is real in our contemporary world. Funny in every sense of the word – peculiar, comical, strange, hilarious – Mirage is a cabinet of mindboggling philosophical curiosities.”


(Ildiko Rippel, Zoo Indigo)


Tel: +44 7521 49112

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